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Setting Up Your Email Account – Apple iPhone

If you intend to print this Tutorial, you can write the account details in the table below, you will need this information at hand to set up you mail account.  In the tutorial key information is identified by a number in brackets which corresponds to the numbered list below i.e (4) refers to email username.

1) e-mail address
2) Incoming e-mail server type  IMAP
3) Incoming mail server name/address
4) e-mail username
5) e-mail password
6) Outgoing e-mail server (SMTP) name/address
7) Outgoing e-mail server (SMTP) username
8) Outgoing e-mail server (SMTP) password

Creating your account

  1. Add Account: On the home screen, click Settings, then click 'Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  2. Next click 'Add Account'
  3. The next screen will give you various email options. Please choose the 'other' option
  4. Now select 'Add Mail Account'
  5. Enter your name, full email address (1), password (5) and a description of your mailbox e.g.  Office email.  When you have filled in all the information, click Next.
  6. The next screen gives the option of IMAP or POP. Make sure  IMAP is selected as this will keep your emails on the server so you can still view them from your webmail/PC/Mac. Continue to enter the relevant information into

    Incoming mail server:

    Host Name: (3) in the format of mail.yourdomainname.com

    User Name: (4) same as your email address (1).

    Password: (5) should already be filled in from when you entered it on the previous screen

    Outgoing Mail Server:

    Host Name: (6) in the format of smtp.yourdomainname.com

    Username: (7) Note this is different from your outgoing email username

    Password: (8)

    When you have filled in all the information, click Next. 


  7. Selecting 'Save' will then add your account and its now set up to use.
  8. Essentially we have finished creating the mail account, however we need to make sure the iphone has the correct settings, so on the Mail, Contacts, Caledar page, click on the email account you have just created
  9. Click on Account Info
  10. Scroll down and click on Advanced
    • Under the Incoming Settings heading, make sure 'Use SSL' is switched OFF.
    • Scroll down further and make sure the Incoming Port is set to 143
    iphone 0034
  11. Go back to the previous screen by clicking 'Account info'

  12. Click on SMTP
  13. Click on the Primary Server
  14. Under the Outgoing Mail Server Settings heading, make sure 'Use SSL' is switched OFF
  15. Click Done
  16. Click Account Info to go back
  17. Click Done on the Account info page
  18. That's it, click the round iPhone Home button  to take you back to the home screen.  Now you can click on the Mail menu item to access your mail from your iPhone