Webdesco Newsletter - Hosting Server Upgrade

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Webdesco Newsletter

Dear Visitor
You may have noticed over the few months some unexpected 'down time' of your websites along with delays in sending and receiving emails.  First I'd like to apologise on behalf of my hosting company for any inconvenience this has caused, and second I'd like to inform you of what steps are being taken to address the issues.

On Thursday September 27th 2012 the server where your site is hosted will be transferred from the London based data centre to the Manchester based data centre. The transfer will take place between 21:00 BST and 23:00 BST and should last no longer than 15 minutes.  During this period your website and email service will be offline.  Any mail sent to you will be queued on the sender's server and should be delivered shortly after service is restored.

The major reason for the down time of the server is because of poor username/password configurations on other user accounts which have allowed hackers to flood the email servers with spam which have subsequently overloaded the system.

The data centre in Manchester offers the following two benefits which will improve the overall service Webdesco provides:-

* faster response times. The Hosting Company can now get an engineer on site if they need to within minutes. With the old London data centre, the engineer had to travel across London which delayed the response time.
* better anti-flooding capacity. The Hosting company have invested quite a lot of money in new hardware that can rate limit packet-flooding as soon as they spot it and can connect to the switch to add the IP causing the problem. Old hardware at the London data centre did not have this ability.

Please accept my apology in advance for the downtime caused by the transfer, but I hope you will understand the benefits we will all gain as opposed to the loss of 15 minutes of website/email access.

Kind regards

Philip Butler

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