Webdesco is moving!

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Webdesco Newsletter

Dear Visitor,


Webdesco is moving, both physically and digitally!

After four fantastic years of being based in London, Webdesco is moving back up North and will be spending the next few months focusing on rebranding and restructuring the business to ensure we offer the best possible service to you our valued client.  The first step we are taking is to move our hosting to a more reliable, faster and dedicated server.

The move to the new server is an essentail part of providing you with a reliable service and for the most part the website transfer will go through without any notice (see note 1 below).

Your email however will require you to alter some settings on your computer/smartphone/tablet.  At some point in the next 7-10 days you will experience a problem of sending and receiving emails, this will be due to your email account being transfered to the new server.  Don't worry, your emails will not be lost, you just need to reconfigure your mail clients (programs such as Windows mail/thunderbird/Mac mail iPhone/iPad etc) to the settings of the new server. NOTE:  if we have set up your emails to be forwarded to your hotmail/gmail account, you do not need to make any changes.

We will be emailing you again over the next few days with reminders of your email settings (email addresses, usernames & passwords) along with links to turorials on how to update your mail clients.

Kind regards,

Philip Butler

note 1: Your Internet Service Provider (ISP for short) such as TalkTalk/BT/Virgin/OTE etc. keep an index of website and email addresses and which server they should point to.  The index that you ISP holds gets updated on a regular basis but some ISPs do this faster than others so it could be as fast as 2 hours or it could take up to 24 hours for the ISP to update their index.  Your computer also keeps a similar index (called a DNS cache) that tell it where websites are located.  Generally the DNS cache on your computer gets cleared every time you turn off the computer.  If you have not visited your own website for some days before the transfer takes place then you should not experience a problem,  however if your computer or ISP has a recent index of your website's old location then it will require you to turn off your computer and unplug your modem, wait 15 seconds then plug the modem back in and turn on your computer.  This process should allow your computer to re-index to the new location of your website.

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