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i would like to thank you for such a great cooperation in re-designing the Virginia Hotel Website, I love the new design. You are the most efficient and professional website designers I have ever met, but most important is your after sales service and support, you are always there any time i need your help. I definitely recommend you to any b
Fotini Geronti
http://www.virginia-hotel -samos.com
Date: Jun 13, 2010

Dear Philip, We are writing to express how please we are with the work you have undertaken on our French apartment website over te past twelve months. Your efforts have lead to increased bookings and enquiries, particularly following the more recent work done on the search engine optimisation. We are very grateful and would have no hesita
Alan and Wendy Hookway.
http://apartment-serre-ch evalier.com
Date: Jan 18, 2009

Webdesco have been employed to update and refresh our website which had been live for about 3 years and had started to look a bit tired. Philip and Pete initially came up with a number of different layout styles giving us a range of choice which was different from a standard website. They also undertook a visual rebranding for us changing the lo
Mike Vickers, Leverage Solutions Ltd
http://www.leverage.uk.co m
Date: Oct 27, 2009

I had been trying to put together my hotel website for years, having hired the services of many independent agencies. Few if any, have compared with the quality, passion, compassion, and general desire to please a customer than 'Webdesco' has. Philip is excellent at producing high quality results in areas of his expertise, and boldly approaches
Despina Hatziandreou
Date: May 14, 2005

My experience of creating a website has been a lot less difficult than I anticipated. I had an idea of what I didn't want but not a clear idea of what I did want. Webdesco have guided me through all of it very patiently and surpassed themselves in going above and beyond what was strictly their job to sort out other queries along the way. Phi
Isobel Gooding, Body and Beauty Therapy Studi
http://bodyandbeautythera pystudio.co.uk
Date: Apr 27, 2010

Dear Philip. Please find below a mark of our appreciation regarding your input in developing our new company website…. Spin-It Testimonial. At Spin-It Ltd we manufacture Car Turntables and sell them directly to the UK public. Our company website is by far the most important selling tool that we have. After years of developing our own
Mark Parkin
Date: Apr 29, 2012

We commissioned Webdesco to evaluate our company website and look at any ways to improve it's functionality and effectiveness. It was decided that our best solution would be a fully functional Content Managed System. This has since been deployed, and the results speak for themselves. We are now in control of our company site and the resulting
Kevin Gelsinan
http://www.autopro-motors port.co.uk
Date: Mar 16, 2011

Dear Peter and Philip I am grateful to Despina Hatziandreou for introducing you to us and I feel lucky to having met you because: - you are talented, smart and patient - you did a great job for our both websites - your prices are very reasonable - you are always on standby to help me when i need you (your aftersales service is perfect) I a
Fotini Geronti
www.virginia-hotel-samos. com
Date: Sep 28, 2007

We have seen much improved business levels coming from our enhanced website using Webdesco's services. Philip offers excellent support and a superb end to end service. We are looking to use Webdesco to revamp our other businesses too ! Many thanks
Paul Holmes
http://www.vw-camper-hire .co.uk
Date: May 20, 2010

In HTML code, the title tag specifies the title of your Web page. The title tag is inserted into the header of your web page and looks like this:

<title> Creating Title Tags for Search Engine Optimization & Web Accessibility</title>

As it is between the <head></head> tags, it will not be visible as part of the text of the document but can be seen in the very top border of your web browser (Firefox, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer etc.)

The title has three primary roles

  • used by the web browser in the window title bar
  • used as a description for bookmark lists
  • Most importantly it is one of the primary pieces of information that search engines use to index and rank your site.

A good page title must be descriptive and contain key words appropriate to the page for the search engines to use.  However that is not the be all and end all of a page title; the title must also stand out from the crowd and be captivating enough to make the human want to click to go to your page.

There have been many studies as to how long a page title should be.  Research has shown that different search engines display differing amounts of title in their results, Google for instance will display 66 characters whereas Yahoo results show 120.  Internet explorer truncates the page title it displays in the top margin to 95 characters whereas Firefox displays all the title.  Furthermore, research by hugoguzman has shown that Google indexes at least 164 characters of a page’s title tag.

With this in mind Webdesco has come up with a solution that meets the criteria of the primary roles;  create a page title that has four parts, first part is 66 characters long so as it looks good in Google search results, the second part that is 29 characters long which combined with the first part looks good in the Internet Explorer top margin.  The third part that is 25 characters in length for the additional information shown in Yahoo search results and finally the fourth part being 44 characters long for the additional information Google will index.

Sound confusing?  Here is an example

Part 1 - Web Page Title Tags Maximum Length For Search Engine Optimisation
Part 2 - Title Tags and Google SEO
Part 3 - SEO Keyword Research
Part 4 - How Important are Title Tags for Google

Put it all together using the vertical bar as a separator and you get the following page title

Web Page Title Tags Maximum Length For Search Engine Optimisation | Title Tags and Google SEO | SEO Keyword Research | How Important are Title Tags for Google

To make life a little easier for me (and for you if you choose to use it) I have created a little form (shown below) that can be used to create the four parts for a perfect page title. (Note that in parts 2,3 & 4 I have reduced the allowed characters by 3 to allow for the separator).

The Perfect Page Title Creator Form 66 chars remain.
26 chars remain.
22 chars remain.
41 chars remain.

The Perfect Page Title