webdesco rewards piggy-bank

Everyone wants to save money, at least WE do and we think YOU should too!  That's why Webdesco has introduced the 'Refer a Friend Rewards Scheme' for you to earn 'Webdesco Reward Points' as recognition and financial reward for your dedication and support to the future growth of Webdesco.  I'm sure we're not pulling the wool over anyone's eyes; the bottom line is we want more business and who better than to market our services than the people we already provide our services to....you!

Here's how it works; each Webdesco Reward Point is equivalent to 1 pence, the points you earn can be redeemed against any Webdesco service or renewal fees.   At any time during the hosting period you can exchange your points for any of the Webdesco Services, or save up your points until the end of your hosting period and use them to reduce your annual renewal costs.  For example every business you refer to Webdesco, who as a result of the referral has Webdesco design and host their site, will earn 2000 Webdesco Reward points, equivalent to £20 of Webdesco services.

A list of Rewards is shown below, if you can think of any other methods of earning points, drop us a line and we will consider your request.

How to Earn Points
Refer an individual/company who has their website designed and hosted by webdesco 2000
Refer an individual/company who has their website designed by webdesco 500
Refer an individual/company who transfers the hosting of their existing website to webdesco 500
Refer an individual/company who has their website optimised for the search engines (SEO) by Webdesco


Referred customers must have paid in full before we issue referral credit. Webdesco Reward Points have no monetary value and can only be redeemed for Webdesco products and services.

This program is intended only for the referral of new clients to Webdesco.

Webdesco reserves the right to remove the 'Refer a Friend Rewards Scheme' at any time, in its entirety or on a per client basis.